Do you ever wonder how do you manifest if you are not a manifestor in human design terms?

Do you feel like people who have lots of definitions must be insensitive to other people and their environment?

Do you feel like if you have more channels defined, then you will be more powerful?

Do you feel that being a projector, the only thing that you can do is to sit and wait for the invitation?

Do you feel like being a generator, the only that that you can do is to sit and wait for the sacral sound?

Do you think that having an open center is a disadvantage?

Do you feel that being an open G, you cannot have any plans in life?

Human Design is an awesome tool that helps you realign the truth of who you are. It shows you how you get disconnected from the truth of who you are and why you lose yourself.


Strategy and inner authority are the most discussed topic in Human Design and during the quantum alignment show, Tracy introduce the meaning of strategy for each types, how you can follow your strategy and why it is important for you to follow your strategy.


When you are more aligned with the truth of who you are, you will start attracting people who love and honor you, creating relationships that nurture you instead of depleting you and start experiencing more joy and abundant in your life.

Projector! To do or not to do? You learned that your strategy is to wait for invitation? But what does that mean exactly? How can you follow your strategy to create what you want?

How does the experience of having Head/Ajna Definition differ from the experience of having these Centers Undefined? What about people who have Ajna/Throat Definition and Undefined Head Centers?

人類設計圖 (Human Design Chart) 是一個展示著靈魂最真實面向的工具,它可以讓我們發現一個未被受社會制約的自己。但究竟,它是如何運作?導師又會如何解構當中的玄機? Jenny 今次會獻出自己的「設計圖」,跟人類設計解讀師 Tracy Ko 即時進行解讀。看看 Jenny 的「原廠設定」究竟是什麼。同時,亦會講解人類設計圖的一些基本概念,以及在克服人生課題、找出個人天賦、育兒等方面,如何發揮效用。