Human Design Chart Reader

When Tracy looks at a human Design Chart, she feels like she is looking at a blueprint that 

is beautifully written by a soul. It's beautiful because it shows the possibility and the potential

of someone when they are without any conditioning. 

Human Design is beautiful not only becasue it shows you who you are before everybody else

tells you who you ought to be, it's beautiful because it also shows you how to be who you are. 

It gives you a down-to-earth strategy to explore your potential while being who you are.

Life is a personal journey and human design is an awesome tool to help you to become 

the person that you are meant to be. If you are someone who is lost or exploring the truth

of who you are, knowing your human design chart would be a great help. 





Tracy Ko

  • Level 4 Human Design Specialist and Certified Healing by Human Design Relationship Specialist by Karen Parker

  • Tracy於2014年開始學習Human Design,已完成並取得人類設計圖創辦人Ra Ura Hu直傳弟子Karen Parker所辦的人類設計圖專業課程第四級專業資格(Level 4 Human Design Specialist)及人類設計圖關係療癒專業資格(Certified Healing by Human Design Relationship Specialist)。