Human Design session人類設計圖解讀服務 

Human Design Session (90 mins) 人類設計圖解讀 (90分鐘)

During the 90 mins, we can talk about any questions that you have in mind. It can be questions related to the details in your chart. It can be questions about everyday life.

Some people like to know their soul purpose and if you are also interested in learning about your soul purpose, we can dive deep into that. Some people want to learn about the learning style of their children and how to raise their children according to their uniqueness. We can dive into that. Some people want to know how to support their business partner or their spouse, and if that is something that you want to know too, we can talk about that. Some people want to know more about themselves so that they can have a better understanding of why they are the way they are. 

In short, the 90mins session is totally customized. My experience is everyone's need is different, and my intention is to help you find possible solutions through the lens of human design. 

*If none of the time shown in the schedule works for you, you can contact me through email/Whatsapp. I am used to working with people in different time zone. 

Language: English/ Cantonese 廣東話/ Putonghua 普通話