• (Approximately US $275 and payment is in hong kong dollars)

    1 hr 30 min

    2,000 Hong Kong dollars

Human Design Reading人類設計圖解讀服務 

Advanced Human Design Reading (90 mins)

A one-on-one conversation where you can learn how to stay on the top of the game 

Advanced Human Design reading covers your Human Design Type and Strategy.
It helps you understand your unique energy and your challenges. 
It reveals to you a basic understanding of your life purpose.
It shows you your unique decision-making strategy.
It gives you an understanding of what is RIGHT for you.
It helps you discover your money-making strategy, relationship strategy and how to maintain a good physical health. It further helps you understand all of your Energy Centers and how they work. 
It shows you how you process energy and give you a profound new way to see the magnificence of who you truly are. It reveals to you your unique Life Purpose and gives you even deeper insights into your personal energy and your destiny. It shows you the best ways for you to connect spiritually.
It creates breakthroughs in all areas of your life, support you in shattering old beliefs, hurts and traumas and starts you on your journey to your amazing Self.
It shows you how to focus on your gifts and strengths instead of your pain and challenges.
It helps you make peace with so many of your struggles and let go of old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you and your destiny.

*All readings will be recorded and be sent back to you 

人類設計圖深入解讀  (90分鐘


- 你的類型及個人策略,讓你明白如何運用你獨特的能量結構以及你的能量結構所產生的潛在挑戰。

- 你的人生使命

- 知道如何做正確的決定

- 了解甚麼對你來說才是正確的

- 發現一個讓你更容易遇上適合自己的人事物的方法

- 深入分析九大能量中心對你的影響

- 明白自己如何與內在及外在的能量互動,從而重新發現你自己

- 對於自己獨有的能量及人生使命有更實在的理解

- 會知道如何跟自己的內在連繫

- 明白你的固有信念及傷痛從何而來

- 懂得如何與自己和解及如何放下不再對自己有幫助的思考模式及行為模式

- 從舊有的模式走出來

- 看見你天賦的智慧與能力。



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