I recently discovered Human Design online after taking the Clifton Strengths Assessment and found the concept absolutely fascinating. It just made total sense to me. 

So I started watching videos on YouTube, subscribed to newsletters and bought the basic myGraphGraph material to get a basic understanding. But I wanted more. 

I researched HD readings to find someone who I could go deeper with and understand how I could apply HD to my everyday life. That’s when I found Tracy Ko. Her website was inviting and it spoke to my soul. It was simple and elegant and her Advanced Human Design Reading was exactly what I wanted.


Since having my reading with Tracy I am crystal clear on how to use my Strategy and Authority in my daily life. The concept of HD moved from theory to practical in a 90 minute session. I thoroughly enjoyed how interactive the reading was. Tracy is so engaging and explains clearly, with examples, how HD applies to your chart. 


I would definitely recommend working with Tracy and having an Advanced Human Design Reading session, if you’re interested in learning more about HD and how to apply it to your life. It will give you a detailed analysis and clear direction of how HD applies uniquely to you.


I’m so excited to move forward experimenting with HD and living a life true to my design.


Janelle W Parallel, solopreneur