Human Design

What is Human Design?​ 人類設計圖是甚麼?

Human Design offers you insight into your unique energetic blueprint and equips you with tools that you can use for life so that you can bring in more flow and opportunities into your life. 


What you can learn from your Human Design


  • 如何作出適合自己的決定

  • 適合自己的學習方法

  • 自己的天賦以及如何善用這些天賦

  • 人生使命

  • 如何信任自己

  • 如何讓別人聽見自己的聲音

  • 了解自己的人生方向

  • 明白自己為甚麼重覆地面對相同的問題及如何解決問題

  • 與人建立更好的關係

  • ​還有更多更多

  • How to make decision that is correct for you

  • How you process informations

  • Your inner strength and how to leverage them

  • Your life purpose

  • How to bring more flow into your life

  • How to be heard

  • What distract you from living your authentic self

  • How to overcome distractions

  • How to create stronger relationships with others

  • and so much more​​