Hello Tracy

First of all I would like to thank you for the readings. Feel lucky that having a chance to get to know my own design.

I get an better understanding, why I should listen to my sacral center, wait for things coming to our way and make response. Why we have to learn to be more patient with the process, when we feel frustrated.  Good news is, we will attract what we need in our life. The universe knows the best than our brain. You get a lot of information from such a reading, and very valuable and useful for one’s whole lifetime.

It does benefits me to work on, not waisting time, energy or attention to other’s matter. Which means better mind my own business, I guess   Only help or assist when other people ask for it. It’s true that I have always felt lost /lack of direction in my life. Now I finally believe I have found my right place in this world and can give my contribution in my way to the world, even it might not give me fame or prosperity.

We will see if I can be able to fulfill the gate 61 task. It feels like my dream mission on Earth. Time will show if it will just remain as one of my dreams.

I would like to share one story here. After the kiron return reading, a woman contacted me for private 1-1 Tai Chi lessons, which I’ve never tried it before. Normally I teach classes. Everything went well and she got instant relief of her stress level, anxiety and it gave her physical energy. Now she has sick leave and wants to get well, so she can get back to work. She didn’t expect such a great effect after only one lesson. I am so happy to hear her feedback. My point is, I don’t have to look for my clients or students, the right one will find their way to me. What I do, is, prepare myself and response to their need.

My communication skills need to work on.....I know.  I still have a long way to go....
I hope it is possible for me to turn to you if I have any further questions in the future.

Really appreciate what you do. You change people’s life in your unique way.

Best regards
Chi Yin Ho