I help growth-oriented men and women get clarity of who they are, what they come here to do and how to take back his/her power. 

As a human design chart reader, I offer you a map that shows you why you are the way you are so that you can bring more flow into your life. 

It was an inspiring consultation with Tracy by understand our children’s human design chart! With detailed explanation and concrete example on how to guide our little ones, we got much more insight on how to nurture our kids.


—  Odelia Lai

What is human design?

Since having my reading with Tracy

I am crystal clear on how to use my Strategy and Authority in my daily life......read more

睇完全家人嘅human design後,終於明白點解老公成日踢極唔郁,跟住又會不知不覺做左啲野自己唔知,以前會成日諗係咪大家溝通有問題.......閱讀更多


First of all I would like to thank you for the readings. Feel lucky that having a chance to get to know my own design.... read more

How I loved my reading

 ...... watch more


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