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​What is Human Design?​


Human design is a synthesis of the Eastern and Western astrology, the Chinese I-ching, the Hindu Chakra System, The Kabbalah, Quantum Physics and Genetics.

Your Human Design chart is calculated using your birth date, time and place


How you can benefit from Human Design 

  • 走出舊有的模式與習慣

  • 發現自己的天賦

  • 明白自己的人生方向及人生目標

  • 創造一個讓自己會心微笑的生命

  • 知道如何善用自己的力量

  • 為甚麼經常重覆地面對相同的問題及如何解決問題

  • 用適合自己的方法去創造自己需要及想要的東西

  • ​如何做決定才是最適合自己

  • 如何找到一份合適自己的工作

  • 改善跟伴侶/家人/同事的關係

  • ​還有更多更多

  • you can liberate yourself from old patterns and habits

  • discover the strength that you don't know you have

  • where you should go and what is your life purpose

  • understand how you can create a life that makes your heart sing

  • learn how to use your energy to create impact in the world

  • why you always experience the same challenge again and again and how to deal with it

  • how to create exactly what you want and need in a way that's right for you 

  • how to make decisions that are correct for you

  • how to find a job that is correct for you

  • how to better the relationships between you and your partner/family/colleague

  • and so much more !!!!!!!!

What people say...

"I enjoyed the session because first of all, the information that she gave me described my experience 100%. She didn't tell me anything that made me think, Naaaah, that's not me. She was very accurate. She even told me the things that I'm currently working on with precision."

Crystal Lynn Bell - Founder of Spiritcentric and Crystal Lynn Bell

「我了解多左自己同身邊既人, 更加肯定左自己同其他人既價值, 帶來的係一份舒心既釋然」

‎Siu Yuen Yee 文職

"Everything that she said resonated with me so well."

Sharmishtha Samal University Student


‎Wendalyn Dimas大學畢業生

多謝你帶我接觸到human design,我發現每次我有d煩惱就會諗起呢個tool,然後又會好似搵到d hints去行下一步。

Mandy Au

After decades of Spiritual practice and self searching, the Awareness tool of Human Design was like the last piece in a puzzle. The first reading I received opened the door to self and other understanding that only increases with every additional reading and learning. If you are searching for self acceptance and love, when you found Human Design, you have found the map, tool kit, and flashlight. 

​- Sharon Kershner Waimanalo, Love ambassador


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